Biological Sciences Course

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Biological Science is the study of life phenomena at various levels, from molecules to ecosystems, and the exploration of some of life's most compelling mysteries. We in the Biological Sciences course are committed to providing a well-balanced education, from fundamental biological science to the most advanced topics in the field. Such study enables a deeper and more sensitive understanding of the mystery that is life, and ensures that students have the ability to utilize this understanding in society.

1.. About Biological Sciences Course

In recent 40 years, the research and methods of biological science have been developing dramatically. One such example is the field of life science, where we have seen striking advances in research techniques and the understanding of life phenomena at the molecular level; another is diversity study of life forms and ecosystems, in which theoretical research has made dramatic progress. And each area of study is in mutual development with the others. To keep pace with these changes, the Biological Sciences course offers lectures, class exercises, experiments, and practicums covering everything from fundamental biological science to cutting-edge investigation. The course aims to provide students with a solid foundation in both fundamental life science and biodiversity scienceļ¼ŽThe object is that the students thoroughly understand key subjects such as (1) the expression and regulation of genetic information and (2) development, which are the fundamental ordering principle of life phenomena, (3) diversed cellular capabilities, (4) the evolution of life and (5) the interaction between living organisms and the environment. It further aims to nurture in students the essential ability to discover a solution to an unsolved problem--a skill as valuable in life as in research.

2. Education

We provide a good mixture of education in both fundamental life science (molecular biology, cell biology, developmental biology, etc.) and biodiversity study (taxonomy, ecology, etc.). Over the four years of the program, students acquire solid expertise and technical mastery in biological science. Our unique curriculum has a particular focus on the hands-on knowledge and techniques learned through practice such as experiments, practicums and honors work. By studying both fundamental and standard subjects in science and subjects in core curriculum of biological science program, students can confidently graduate the course of Biological Science in College of Science. Since all the subjects constituting the core curriculum are related each other, students can finally understand biological considerations, ideas on nature and the methods how to apply biological science in human society. Honors work: In the second semester of the third year, each student is assigned to a research laboratory; and in the fourth year, they are asked to choose their own research theme, related to their instructorsNULL expertise, and then proceed with specialized research. From that point, students plan and execute their own experiments and research, examine related literature, and solve a chosen problem on their own.

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