Features of College of Science

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Features of College of Science

The College of Science has adopted a one department - six courses system to support a new trend in science education. The new education system, which has completely removed the conventional framework of multiple departments, is designed to give students high-level expertise in science and problem-solving. It aims to develop science specialists who can play roles in various spheres of society.

Broad and deep science education through the course system

The system offers, in addition to five courses in the field of science, a sixth course in Integrated Sciences, which is multidisciplinary and covers a wide range of areas.

High-quality education through a consistent 4-year curriculum

Students can plan clear-cut educational goals through a consistent curriculum, from enrollment to graduation.

Detailed and practical instructions

All faculty members of the College of Science cooperate as a single department to offer education without the barriers created by having multiple departments.

High-level education and research by taking advantage of regional features

The College of Science actively introduces affiliated education in its external curriculum by taking advantage of its location near large-scale research laboratories in such places as Hitachi, Tokai, Kashima, and Tsukuba.

Admission policy

We are seeking the following students:
  • People who have the fundamental academic ability to study and communicate, are willing to discipline and improve themselves, and have sharp intellectual curiosity.
  • People who are willing to work on various issues related to nature, humanity, and society; to improve their problem-solving ability; and to keep working enthusiastically on new issues.
  • People who are willing to contribute to the sustainable development of the modern world and society as professionals with a wide range of knowledge and high-level expertise.

Diploma award policy

Our future vision is to create:

  • People who have a keen interest in exploring unknown aspects of nature so as to discover and solve new issues by themselves.
  • Global-minded people who can play roles in the development of a sustainable society by using their expertise in science and their understanding of various cultures and the philosophy and history of humanity.
  • Science specialists who can contribute to society and the development of science by taking advantage of the features of Ibaraki Prefecture, which enjoys an abundance of natural beauty and is home to many of the world's leading research laboratories and industries.

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