Message from the dean

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What will you learn in the College of "Ri" (meaning, the College of "Science")? The kanji character "Ri" is used in words such as "Truth", "Principle", "Theory", as well as "Understanding" and "Deduction". In essence, to study "Ri" is to pursue knowledge and understanding of the truth, principles, and theories of natural science, logically and rationally. You must already be familiar with the study of "Ri", because high school mathematics and science correspond closely to the academic "Ri" subjects of mathematics and informatics, physics, chemistry, biological science, and earth science.

You have been studying in elementary, junior high and high school, but in university you gain knowledge in a totally different way. In university, you will not only "study" but "learn" things. There is no school textbook screened by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology. Although students usually study in the same classroom, there is no homeroom where you can hang around. You wonNULLt have your own designated desk, either. The most important thing is that each of you takes the initiative to learn, through intellectual curiosity and a spirit of inquiry, with a good balance of "classroom knowledge" learned from lectures, and "practical knowledge" gained from class exercises, experiments, and practicums.

When you finish your undergraduate or graduate education, you will leave the university for the real world, where many different skills are required. To prepare you for this transition, the entire academic staff joins together in concerted education and research, to ensure that all students gain the requisite skills in problem solving, information gathering, communication, and presentation. We will help you become a highly valued and successful member of society, with the ability to learn, think, and act on your own initiative.

Ibaraki Prefecture attracts many world-class research organizations and frontier industries. In addition to its thriving industrial sector, it also boasts numerous agricultural and fishing industries, owing to the richness of its natural environment. One of our outstanding characteristics lies in taking advantage of this setting to collaborate with local research organizations in promoting education and research. The College of Science in Ibaraki University is exceptionally well prepared to support your active learning, helping you to acquire the creative and logical thinking skills that will enable you to deal effectively with any situation you might encounter. Our aim is to develop minds that will thrive and be successful on the frontline of international enterprise.

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