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Mathematics and Informatics

Position Name Research Field Link
Professor ICHIMURA Fumio Algebraic number theory  
Professor KIMURA Makoto Differential Geometry Lab
Professor SHIMOMURA Katsunori Potential theory  
Professor NAKAI Eiichi Real and harmonic analysis Lab
Professor HASEGAWA Hiroshi Nonequilibrium statistical mechanics, chaotic dynamics, time series analysis, artificial intelligence  
Professor HORIUCHI Toshio Partial differential equation (particularly, PDE of elliptic type and variational problem)  
Professor MURASHIGE Sunao Nonlinear waves, Numerical analysis  
Associate Professor AIBA Akira Algebraic number theory Lab
Associate Professor ANDO Hiroshi Partial differential equation theory  
Associate Professor IRIE Hiroshi  
Associate Professor OHTSUKA Fumiko Differential geometry Lab
Associate Professor SUZUKI Kanako Partial differential equations, analysis on nonlinear phenomena  
Associate Professor HASEGAWA Takehisa  
Associate Professor FUJIMA Shoichi Numerical analysis and computation algorithm  
Associate Professor WATANABE Shinya Mathematical modeling & numerics  


Position Name Research Field Link
Professor IGA Fumitoshi Functional material design, crystal growth, and those physical-properties research which is mainly concerned with magnetism  
Professor SAKAGUCHI Makoto Quantum Field Theory, Quantum Gravity and Superstring Theory  
Professor SAKUMA Takashi1 Solid state physics, X-ray and neutron diffraction, superionic conductors  
Professor NAKAGAWA Naoko Statistical physics and thermodynamics in nonlinear nonequilibrium, theoretical biophysics  
Professor FUKUI Takahiro Condensed matter physics  
Professor FUJIWARA Takanori Elementary particle physics and field theory  
Professor MOMOSE Munetake Radio astronomy, formation of stars and planetary systems, radio interferometry Lab
Professor YOSHIDA Tatsuo High energy astrophysics, gamma-ray astronomy  
Associate Professor OKAMOTO Yoshiko Infrared astronomy (observations & instrumentation), formation of stars & planets  
Associate Professor KATAGIRI Hideaki Gamma-ray astrophysics Lab
Associate Professor KUWAHARA keitaro1 Condensed matter physics, neutron scattering experiments, magnetism in strongly correlated electron systems  
Associate Professor TSURIBE Toru Theoretical Astrophysics  
Associate Professor HYAKUTAKE Yoshifumi Elementary Particle Physics, Superstring Theory  
Associate Professor YOKOYAMA Makoto Low temperature physics on strongly correlated electron Lab
Assistant Professor TSUKAGOSHI Takashi  


Position Name Research Field Link
Professor IZUOKA Akira Molecular magnetism and conductivity. Preparative studies on gold nanoparticles  
Professor OTOMO Seiu Biophysical chemistry on the structure-function relationship of photosynthetic pigment-protein supramolecular complexes Lab
Professor ORIYAMA Takeshi Development of highly efficient and selective reactions toward environmentally benign organic syntheses. Studies on chemical synthesis of biological substances Lab
Professor KIM Haeng-Boo Space- and time-resolved spectroscopy and electrochemistry. Photochemistry of coordination compounds Lab
Professor KOHZUMA Takamitsu1 Studies on structure and function of proteins through vibrational spectroscopy Lab
Professor SATO Itaru Natural product chemistry and synthetic organic chemistry  
Professor NISHIKAWA Hiroyuki Functional Material Chemistry, Physical Chemistry Lab
Professor FUJISAWA Kiyoshi Study on structures and spectroscopic properties of transition metal model complexes in biochemistry  
Professor MORI Seiji Computational chemistry on reaction mechanisms of stereoselective reactions/metal-mediated reactions and biosyntheses of biological active compounds Lab
Associate Professor OHASHI Akira Development of new methods of synthesis, separation, and detection utilizing liquid-liquid interface as reaction field Lab
Associate Professor KAGOSHIMA Hirotaka2 Development of new synthetic organic reactions using metallic reagents  
Associate Professor SHIMAZAKI yuichi Synthesis and reactivities of metal complexes containing biological molecules  
Associate Professor YAMAGUCHI Akira Development and analytical applications of nanoporous materials Lab

Biological Sciences

Position Name Research Field Link
Professor ISHIMI Yukio DNA replication in human cells focusing on MCM proteins Lab
Professor ENDO Yasuhiko Plant systematics, comparative anatomy and morphology of plants Lab
Professor KITADE Osamu Ecology and evolution of termites and symbiotic microorganisms Lab
Professor KOJIMA Jun-ichi Taxonomy, phylogenetics and social evolution of vespid wasps Lab
Professor TAUCHI Hiroshi Radiation biology: Mechanism of DNA damage repair Lab
Professor TACHIBANA Akira Molecular mechanisms of radioadaptive response and radiation mutagenesis Lab
Professor NIKI Yuzo Developmental biology, germ cell biology Lab
Professor YAMAMURA Yasuo Plant ecology; Ecophysiology of trees, vegetation dynamics of forests Lab
Associate Professor OIKAWA Shimpei Plant ecophysiologycal ecology: leaf phenology, nitrogen use and carbon balance with emphasis on global change issues Lab
Associate Professor KANOU Kouki3 Ichthyology Center
Associate Professor NAKAZATO Ryoji3 The studies on biodiversity and environmental preservation of Lake Kasumigaura Center
Associate Professor NAKAMURA J. Asako The Chromatin Response to DNA Damage and its role in Genome and Cellular Integrity Maintenance  
Associate Professor FUTAHASHI Mizuko  
Associate Professor MOROOKA Fuki Ecology, taxonomy and phylogeny of social insects  

Earth Science

Position Name Research Field Link
Professor ANDO Hisao Sedimentary geology and paleontology (elucidation of stratal formation processes, and reconstruction of paleoecological evolution of fossil biota) Lab
Professor OKADA Makoto Paleomagnetism, paleoceanography, studies for reconstruction of paleoenvironmental changes from lake and deep sea sediments  
Professor KAWAHARA Jun Solid earth physics, seismic wave propagation, and earthquake ground motion  
Professor KITA Kazuyuki Atmospheric environment, ozone and aerosols, remote sensing of atmospheric trace gases  
Professor KIMURA Makoto Meteoritics and solid planetary material science  
Professor KOARAI Mamoru  
Professor FUJINAWA Akihiko Research for magmatic processes in subduction environment by means of rock-forming mineralogy and petrochemistry. Reconstruction and elucidation of explosive volcanisms utilizing testimonial documents together with volcanic geological techniques Lab
Associate Professor NOZAWA Satoshi Solar physics, MHD simulation and astrophysics  
Associate Professor HASEGAWA Takeshi Volcanic geology, Igneous petrology Lab
Associate Professor YAMADA Takuji  
Assistant Professor FUJIYA Wataru  
Assistant Professor YAMAGUCHI Naofumi3 Sedimentology, Coastal morphodynamics  

1 Major in Applied Beam Science

2 Center for Instrumental Analysis

3 Center for Water Environment Studies

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